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I’ve always wanted to have a safe space where I could immediately share with you the links to all of the lovely articles I read online and help me grow and accept myself just a bit more, one day at a time. So I’ve created this post where I’ll collect, over time, all the precious texts that I have come across somewhere on my personal journey. Oftentimes, I think back (say, one year ago or so) and search my mind for a post I really liked, or I once read and changed my heart forever… and I simply can’t remember the name of it, just the feeling of it. So this will become like a living breathing archive, with a heart of its own. A library that will remember all these words and beautiful writings for us.


I’ll update this post on a regular basis, so you can come back and check it out once in a while for new content. Here’s what I share with you here:
– Blogs I love to read and I always go back to for moral & emotional support, and for the sense of community, of belonging
– Articles & Stories I love and touch my core // People who are true to themselves and stand tall against the voices of society // Authentic and honest people, pure Souls who I am lucky and blessed enough to find on this vast sea we call the internet
– Foodie Blogs & Recipes where I always find inspiration & courage to keep on testing, keep on trying, and believe in my foodie ideas & visions
– Lifestyle Blogs & Articles: Art & Hobby // DIY & Crafts // Creativity // Minimalism // Interior Design // Natural Organic Skin Care & Beauty Products
– Travel & Photography blogs & stories



cceptance, Emotional Healing, Mindfulness


mpaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Introverts (INFJs), Old Souls


oodie Blogs


inimalist Lifestyle

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