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Arad & This New Chapter of Life

My dear internet friends, today I begin writing my story, for you to get to know me better. And because I am currently experiencing a very exciting new adventure, this is where my writing journey starts. I am given the opportunity to go back home to Arad to create and manifest a new life for me and my future family. Here’s the background story: there’s a huge apartment in Arad (I would say it’s Victorian-style) that belongs to my grandmother (my maternal mother). I was born in Târgu Mureș, but grew up in Arad.

Dialog la malul mării

M-am născut, am crescut, am învățat multe; am uitat și mai multe. Am iubit, am plâns, am râs; am fost o rebelă. Viața a curs de la sine. Cu toate că aș fi avut suficiente motive să uit, eu încă mă gândesc la acea zi, la acele momente petrecute împreună. Nu trece nicio zi fără să îmi amintesc de acel dialog important — care important… cel mai important din viața mea. Acel dialog care a avut loc acum mai bine de 22 de ani…